Moonlight Companies

Quality, consistency, and freshness are the hallmarks of Moonlight. We give you the freshest, juiciest fruits delivered to your table at the peak of ripeness. Available as conventional or organic, look for us at your local retailer.

Come see what we’re made of…

California Dreamin’

A singular California dream started 20 years ago, Moonlight’s farming operations now stretch from the Coachella Valley throughout three Central California counties. A leader in peaches, plums, nectarines, pomegranates, pluots, table grapes, lemons, kiwis, Cuties® and oranges, we employ the latest farming technology.

Our modern processes have streamlined operations, continue to improve the delivery of quality and freshness, but also reduce our carbon footprint and make us more sustainable as a company. We’re kind of a big deal.

Quality, consistency, and freshness are the hallmarks of Moonlight. We know these fruits better than anyone else (and we dare you prove us wrong).

Packing (not your grandpa’s)

This isn’t your grandfather’s packing shed.

Moonlight Companies is home to multi-million-dollar, state-of-the-art packing facilities. Our fully-automated operation helps us quickly and efficiently package all of our fruits in order to get them to you at the peak of ripeness. Not even kidding.

We go to extremes to ensure the facility remains spotless at all times, and we use the most stringent safety protocols to ensure our employees are always working in a safe and comfortable environment.

We’d tell you more about all that here, but then we’d have to hire a hitman to find you… it’s top secret.